About the website

Omoon is an online-based puppetry project createw by UB and Ewen.

The initial Omoon project was created during the March 2020 COVID19 lockdown, henceforth the inspiration to use everyday household materials in creating an art piece that response to our new and (un)orderly experience. The continuation of Omoon project aims to document our individual/collective stories of COVID19.

Omoon website is predominantly supported by Banyule’s Arts and Culture Grant. The project is also supported by: 

About the artists

about artists
Credit: Artplay New Ideas Lab 2020 (Obang), Ewen Soo (left) and Youbi Lee (right)

UB (Youbi Lee)

is a multidisciplinary artist who works in many different media including printmaking, puppetry and animation.



Credit: Artplay New Ideas Lab 2020 (Obang), Ewen Soo

Ewen (Yee Wen Soo)

is a dancer, school teacher and an arts educator.

She has a dance background in Odissi, whereby she performs, assist in teaching and creates short dance pieces.