Image by: ArtPlay

Obang is a performative installation space designed for babies aged 6 to 16 months along with their care-givers, and is inspired by the traditional Korean concept of Obang. In this work, Obang refers to five primary colours and explores the spatial meaning of home.

You are invited to a Korean grandmother’s home for a meal. Together you will experience her daily life, including cooking, singing, washing and story-telling. Obang is a joyful and interactive experience featuring puppetry, story and free-play in an immersive environment.


Presented at...

This project was seeded by City of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab 2020.
AsiaTopa, February 2020
ArtPlay, March 2023 (Premiere)


Co-creators: UB, Ewen
Producer: Taka
Lighting Design: Bronwyn Pringle
Sound design: Dale Gorfinkel