The 2021 Toilet Paper Roll Competition (TPRC21)

Have you ever thought of using puppetry to tell your story?

We, OMOON, are the toilet paper roll specialist puppeteers! And this is a chance for you to use your stinky creativity with us!


How to join the competition? We need-

  1. 3 photos of your toilet roll puppets (2 to 4 puppets)
  2. A short storyline, approx. 100 words
  3.  send us through support@omoon.net.au by  1st August 2021 

*You can join this competition as an individual or group-with family or friends!

The winner will be invited to our OMOON studio in Heidelberg West to produce the story into a short video clip. We offer-

  1. A full support throughout the video production including creating sets and editing the video.
  2. A lunch with the OMOON artists
  3. A full-length feature of your video in the OMOON website

*All photos submissions will be featured in our OMOON website